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Who is your counsel in the digital era?

We offer efficient solutions for both traditional and digital companies: we help build ecosystems and develop digital platforms, transform conventional businesses through digital strategies, provide consulting services and more. We work closely with every client as part of the team to help your business adapt, transform, and achieve outstanding results in the dynamic digital landscape.


In the digital era, borders between markets are disappearing. But it seems like legal services still use the same segregated approach.



We believe legal services today cannot effectively perform without in-depth integration of economics knowledge, data analysis, design, and technology. D&A Partners has advanced expertise in all of these areas, offering an interconnected solution for more efficient results.



We help businesses seamlessly adapt to the ever-changing digital world and evolve further on.

What we do

We build a bridge between analogue and digital economies, implementing and enhancing the best practices of both worlds


Digital to Digital

Services for companies working in digital markets. Do you want to boost your performance in the digital arena? We are your counsel in the digital era!

to Digital

Digital transformation service for companies in the real economy sector. Do you want to transform your business with a digital strategy? We are your counsel in the digital era!

Digital to Analogue

Service packages to adjust your digital business to the analogue market. Do you want to introduce your digital company to the real economy market? We will guide you to the analogue world too!

 to Analogue

Consulting services for companies in the real economy sectors. Looking for a future-oriented and tailor-made consultancy for businesses developing in the real economy sector? We are your counsel in the digital era!

Market analysis

We will analyse the market to map out the segment's essentials and crucial aspects:

  • your product's uniqueness;
  • your customer portrait;
  • competitors overview;
  • your product differentiation points;
  • key target markets;
  • marketing geography;
  • regulation forecast, tech, and economic trends.

Legal framework and Blockchain law

We will develop a legal framework for your business, even for complex blockchain or cryptocurrency projects:

  • proper project jurisdiction selection;
  • transactional structures development, from Share Purchase Agreements, shareholders agreements, NDAs, and option agreements to Terms of Services, Data Protection Policies, and legal disclaimers for your website;
  • Howey Test for your blockchain project;
  • legal opinion drafting for the regulatory parties and stock exchange markets;
  • consultancy and development of ISO, STO, IDO, or IPO models;
  • full support for NFT projects.


We will develop an economic framework for your business or blockchain project, including:

  • financial model development;
  • critical economic factors calculations;
  • tokenomics development;
  • business plan and investor pitch deck creation;
  • structuring  your company’s assets.

Competition law

Our areas of work include:

  • cartel investigations;
  • anti-competitive conduct;
  • distribution and agency;
  • market investigations and studies;
  • pricing strategies.

We will assist our clients with all aspects of merger control:

  • determine whether merger filings are required;
  • draw merger filings, position papers, and other deal documentation to increase the likelihood of merger clearance;
  • carry out an economic analysis to define whether concentration significantly impedes effective competition and/or leads to the creation or strengthening of a dominant position.

Digital transformation

We have experience in digital platforms and ecosystem development, as well as the more in-depth transformation of companies with digital business strategies.

We will offer solutions for any challenge your company may face:

  • should you join an existing digital platform or create your own?
  • would it be effective for you to integrate blockchain or centralised technology?
  • how to choose between a centralised ecosystem and a decentralised one?
  • how to choose an ecosystem-building approach: horizontal, vertical, or omnichannel?

Partnership efficiency

We will analyse your community strengths and partnerships' efficiency, and suggest economic, legal, and digital algorithms to expand them.

Criminal defence

We provide criminal defence in the field of white-collar crimes, including:

  • cybercrimes
  • money laundering
  • illicit activities when dealing with cryptocurrency.


We will help you implement a comprehensive compliance system:

  • conduct financial and legal due diligence;
  • identify bottlenecks and potential criminal risks;
  • design and implement protective mechanics understandable for your partners, customers, and counterparties;
  • provide detailed recommendations to avoid any legal, financial, and ethical risks for your company. 

This will help minimise the chances of inspection, prepare the team for any sudden interaction with law enforcement agencies, as well as define a legal framework for non-compete agreements and negotiations with competitors.


We work in the field of corporate procurement, both regulated and unregulated.

We will help you reduce transaction costs and build a practical system of choosing counterparties on a competitive basis.

New technology integration

We will boost your business efficiency and develop a significant competitive advantage with the latest disruptive innovations provided by our tech team.

Corporate Workshops and Training

We will boost your corporate education program and strengthen your team expertise, offering a broad spectrum of subjects via our master classes and workshops: 

  • digital markets: legal and economic features;
  • legal aspects of blockchain, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, NFT, DAO;
  • business and economics in the Metauniverse;
  • Web3 era – new chapter for digital platforms;
  • business digital transformation;
  • philosophy of decentralisation: society, markets, platforms.


Our clients are change makers defining the future – both ambitious startups and major market players (references available upon request)

Decentralised ecosystem

Decentralised ecosystem

We have developed a strategic and legal ecosystem model in which participants interact on the basis of partnership agreements, are not represented as one group, and unite the strongest players in different markets
Taxi aggregator

Taxi aggregator

We analyzed and structured entry barriers to researched digital markets that allowed our client to develop the right strategy to protect the market from dumping influence.
Private company procurement

Private company procurement

We modernised the private company's procurement system, significantly reducing transaction costs
NFT project

NFT project

We facilitated an NFT project with internationally recognised artists
Criminal defence

Criminal defence

We managed to dismiss all charges of money laundering against our client


We are proud of our team and interdisciplinary approach to our projects! Several decades of experience and expertise in law, economics, and technology allow us to offer authentic solutions to our clients

Gleb Krohmaluke
Special counsel (English law, international commercial arbitration)

Corporate and social commitments

It's important for us not only to care about our professional performance and achievements but also to contribute to finding solutions for important social issues and challenges, as well as supporting cultural projects and development

Artistic freedom

Artistic freedom
We provide free legal assistance for various artist communities and theatres facing the pressure of any kind from third parties. If your performance, exhibition, or event is under threat — you can contact us any time to receive professional help free of charge.


Since we believe in the importance of accessible knowledge for everyone, we hold free lectures and workshops both for students and lawyers around the world. Please let us know if you would like our team to organise a free educational event at your institution. Contact us to receive more information.


Our industry is definitely guilty as charged for overusing paper, causing major deforestation consequences. Instead of printing everything out, we stick to an all-digital workflow, while implementing responsible team practices and donating to several organisations to help us reduce our carbon footprint. Join us in the world of digital document management!


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